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There are many legends about the origins of the Scottish Games. The oldest traces the Games tradition back to the period of Roman invasions in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, where Scottish warriors reputedly displayed their bravery and strength by performing feats of skill and power in front of the opposing army.


The most widely accepted tale describes the Games as informal athletic tests by which Kings and Clan Chiefs examined the agility, cunning and physical strength of their clansmen. The victors of these trials were then awarded positions of leadership both on the battlefield and within the clan.


The Scottish Highland Games or "Heavy Events" are the modem continuation of this ancient Celtic tradition. Each event you watch today may look like a simple matter of brute strength, but each also requires excellent timing, balance and technique (they also require a kilt!).


There are seven traditional events: Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Weight for Distance, Hammer, Sheaf, Weight over Bar, and Caber Toss.